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We are always in touch with our clients. We offer several ways of contacting us:

1.You can apply directly to a company representative on any issue.

2.You can send a request directly to our support team or you can contact us using the support form, available on the website. Describe the problem that needs to be addressed. We will be happy to help you in any way, because we believe that collaborative efforts make the work process efficient and mutually beneficial for each party.

3. If you want to contact our marketing team, please use the direct email address Our marketers are always open for cooperation and will gladly consider Your suggestions for further promotion of the Seed and its services.

Before sending a support request we ask that you carefully read our Frequently asked question (FAQ) on the website, perhaps you will immediately find the answer to Your question.

If your question was not addressed in our FAQ, please contact us at any time with any question, using a special form. Our support team will try to respond quickly, providing exceptional service.

Please do NOT send your advertising message to the address of the technical support! They will be ignored! The support team only responds to requests associated with our user accounts!

Depending on the current workload of our support team, you will receive a response within 12 hours.