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Affiliate program

We have created a unique service for entering the world of cryptocurrencies. Convenient, simple and incredibly comfortable.

We offer You to join the process of development of blockchain technology and trading.

We work worldwide and look forward to seeing You as our partner. If You are interested in new technologies and ready to become a part of the evolution of the global financial system – join Seed. Let's create the future together!

How does it work?
  • 01. You register on our site and receive a unique referral link.
  • 02. Share information about our company with your friends, partners or just visitors of your website.
  • 03. Receive affiliate Commission: 7%, 3%, 1% from deposits of your partners , on three lines.

If You want exclusive for the affiliate program, just email us. Together we evaluate the opportunities for joint work.

Partner reward credited to your bonus account for each contract, your referral, regardless of, what is the contract chosen by your referral.

You can invest the received means to increase Hasrat your contract or make the conclusion on your wallet.

Partnership fee is charged from the date of activation of the contract your referral.

It is very important to be known by many, that is why our company has a special referral program, implying the accrual of 7 % from referral, your referral with the first line, 3% referral on the second line and 1% of the referral on the third line.

In your account you will be able to find a personal referral link. After the registration on it and Deposit plan you will automatically receive bonus compensation in the amount of 7% of its deposits. Share your referral link with friends, colleagues, acquaintances in social networks, blogs, messages and earn extra earnings!

Seed - step into the future.